Aviador Kustannus

A Troll’s Tale

Author: Janette Backman
A Children's book
ISBN: 9789527063637
Hard-covered, 147 pages
December 2018

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A Troll’s Tale is a beautifully illustrated story of Halti, a small troll, who leaves bravely his small home to travel the magical Lapland. With his travel buddy Falav the Reindeer, he meets new friends, such as a story-telling bear and an old, wise pike, flies the skies on a snow owl and even sees glimpses of magical creatures. Eventually he meets his kin, a troll girl called Freya, who touches his heart deeply, as do all the incredible experiences and breathtaking nature of the North he faces during his long, eye-opening journey.

Janette Backman (b. 1985) is a painter and writer from Rovaniemi, Finland. She is forestry engineer by education, and works on nature conservation. Backman is currently studying applied visual arts. She loves hiking, nature photography, and all kinds of animals. Backman has had many art exhibitions, but A Troll's Tale is her first book. The mesmerizing illustrations of the book are entirely by Backman herself.

A Troll’s Tale